It’s Cuddle and Read Season: Our Favorite Fall Empowerment Children’s Books

Grab your coziest sweater, your kids, everyone’s favorite drink and all the fuzzy blankets because we’re about to dive into my favorite thing to do: cuddling and reading with my kids.

As parents, we’re always on the lookout for ways to empower our kids, to teach them about bravery, feelings, inclusivity, and all those important values. To me, the best way to have a silent teacher for all of this is through books. 

Stories have this incredible power to shape our children’s perception, to increase their literacy and vocabulary around these topics, and to make learning social and emotional skills feel like an adventure.

Moving from California to Chicago, I absolutely love the change of seasons, so when it starts to get cold, there’s nothing better to do than cuddle up and dive into stories that inspire valuable life lessons in the most charming way.

Take a trip to your local library because books can get expensive – don’t break the bank

As much as I love having the award winning books for us at home: books can get expensive. 

So, on a chilly, rainy day, plan a trip to your local library with the whole family. Pull out your old book searching techniques, find the books on this list and bond over shared reads. 

I love our local library and I realize that is such a privilege. 

Before having kids, I didn’t realize that some libraries have a kids play area. Our new library has an incredible play area with all the great sensory, educational, and imaginative toys that my kids go crazy for. If your library has a kids play space too, this is an incredible way to get kids to connect the dots that libraries and learning can be fun. 

If you want to buy books instead: try and support small businesses

Before you hit that “Add to Cart” button on Amazon, let’s raise our mugs to our local bookshops. 

Small businesses are really under pressure right now, and supporting them can make a significant impact on our communities. Plus, you might stumble upon some hidden gems while you’re there.

Of course, our trusty friend, Amazon, can be a lifeline for busy parents, so no judgment if you decide to order there. Convenience is also self care. 

Our personal favorite list

So here it is: the list of our favorite fall empowerment books, and you can snag it for free in my website’s “Free Corner.” Many of these books are also award-winners in children’s literature, and they’ve definitely worthy of their place on bookshelves.

Here’s to building strong, kind, and empowered little readers, one book at a time!


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