Easy and Half Done For You Halloween Activities for Kids with The Cool Kids Club

I think it’s safe to say we’re all ready to make this Halloween season a breeze for us and a blast for our kids, yeah? 

We want those memorable moments – but don’t want the mess and stress.

We want our kids engaged in activities that are away from screens and that work on fine motor skills and creativity. 

But we really don’t want all the craziness that comes with crafts!

Truth is, kids love crafts and most parents do not. I, for one, do not love crafts, but I still reluctantly do them to make my kids happy. 

I am a creative person, but I am not that crafty mom. 

I’m here to tell you that activities don’t have to be big and grant to keep kids entertained. Simpler the better in my opinion. 

So, let me introduce you to the October Cool Kids Club packet: Designed to make mom-life easier and kids’ Halloween extra special. 

There are 7 crafts total, where you only

color or paint, cut, paste, and play.

Easy, right?!

Here’s a glance at all the activities in the October packet:

In My Apple Picking Era: Lets celebrate the season and our Taylor Swift Era and have your kids color or paint apples and paste them onto a tree or in a basket. 

Express Your Pumpkin: Your kids can color or paint it and create their own Jack O Lantern face using our made-for-you cutouts. No messy pumpkin carving required and there’s a cute and positive quote on the bottom to reassure them they can always express their true selves. 

Paper Bag Monsters: Grab a paper lunch bag, let your kids color or paint it, and then glue on the made-for-you monster parts. Prepare for a spooky and fun monster puppet show.

Play Bats: Don’t throw away those toilet paper rolls! Simply color or paint the rolls and glue on the made-for-you bat parts. Watch your little ones have a batty good time.

Pumpkin Spice, Let’s Be Nice: It’s not just about trick-or-treating; it’s about spreading kindness too! In this activity, kids can decorate each square and hand them out to friends, strangers, or family members to bring smiles to everyone’s faces with cute little Halloween puns.

Cotton Ball Ghost: A classic Halloween activity with no mess. Just glue on cotton balls to the made-for-you ghost.

Play Spiders: Color the spider, cut it out, and let your kids play with their creepy-crawly friends.

You can grab these made-for-you activities in one of two ways

Join the Cool Kids Club monthly membership for $4.97.

The monthly membership is a carefully curated packet of activities made easy. Think of the easy Pinterest activities you’ve been wanting to get to, but these are already half done for you, and are festive with the season.

When you sign up you’ll get immediate access to the October pages as well as a 17-page Welcome Packet of coloring pages that are done in true Tiny Human fashion, which is to spread good vibes, nurture self-expression and spark curiosity, all while tapping into early childhood development skills through creativity and play .. and it’s only $4.97/month!

Or – if you don’t want that monthly commitment you can grab just the October pages for $6 in our Cool Kids Club Library. 

You choose your own adventure!

Plus, we keep it simple with a supply list that includes items you likely already have at home, here’s what you’ll need for October pages:

– Toilet paper rolls

– Cotton balls

– Paper lunch bags

– Glue (glue sticks are a less-mess option for little hands)

– Scissors

– Crayons/markers/paint

We know you want to be the best parent you can be, and we’re here to make it a little easier. Join our Cool Kids Club today and let the fun begin! 🎨✂️👻

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